Bariloche, Argentina Conditions Report: Soft Chalk, Fast Laps, No Crowds, Storm Coming…

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Nubes today at Cerro Catedral in Bariloche, Argentina. image: snowbrains

Today was our first day of the 2018 southern winter.

We traveled for 60 hours to get to Bariloche, Argentina and it was damn nice to get here and get settled in.

The local ski resort, Cerro Catedral, is a bit light on snowpack, but the skiing was great up high today.

Views west into Chile with Cerro Negro and Puntiagudo

Catedral has a world class chairlift called Nubes (clouds) and it was damn fun yesterday.

Soft chalk.

Fast laps.

No crowds.

11,500′ Cerro Tronador. image: snowbrains

The conditions were definitely perfect for getting us back into the flow of skiing after 6-weeks off (we hit closing day at Mammoth on June 17th).

I just banged laps up high on Nubes all day and it was a blast.

Locals are telling me that it’s been a cold, windless, somewhat dry first 1/3 of the season so far.

Lake Nahuel Huapi and isles. image: snowbrains

August is the biggest snow month here and the forecast is looking very wet for the next week.

Fingers crossed we come out of the coming week with a solid snowpack and some quality skiing.

No crowds. image: snowbrains


image: catedral, today


image:, today


Wide open and empty off Punta Nevada today., image: snowbrains
Condor today. image: snowbrains

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2 thoughts on “Bariloche, Argentina Conditions Report: Soft Chalk, Fast Laps, No Crowds, Storm Coming…

  1. How did it take you 60 hours to get to Bariloche?

    That seems a bit long, unless you’re hitchhiking from Bolivia on a pack of llamas haha.

  2. Miles, Thanks for the update. I’m itching to be there. Headed down South on Friday. Met up with Gomez on his way to Santiago last week as he passed through the Atlanta airport. Keep the snow dance going. You are correct Nubes IS a blast. Will leave a smile on your face all day!
    Make a decision going up the lift. To the left or right of the face. Thank you for leading me in that direction a couple of seasons ago. Good turns to you…

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