Bariloche, Argentina Conditions Report: An Unexpected, Gorgeous Powder Day

Miles Clark | | Conditions ReportConditions Report
Freshies today. image: snowbrains

Today was a special day at Cerro Catedral ski resort in Bariloche, Argentina.

The day held fresh snow, cold temps, no wind, sunny skies, and a blanket of snow over every low lying point.  

The low clouds gave the day a gorgeous, other worldly feel that was worth it’s weight in gold.

Nubes zone looking tall today. image: snowbrains

There was no storm forecast last night – but a storm there most certainly was.

It snowed for 4 hours on the mountain last night right down to the base.

When the sun rose this morning, there was 4-8″ of new snow up top.

Really hoping for a clear day tomorrow to get to this local classic. image: snowbrains

Anywhere that was smooth was buttery and fun.

Even the rough stuff skied well.

Nubes was damn fun in the morning.

Condor 3 above the cloud blanket. image: snowbrains

La Laguna was creamy, sunny, and soft.

The backcountry looked unreal today…  

I can’t wait to get out there tomorrow.

I had 3 different interviews with Fox Sports today. A very fun mental challenge to talk that fast in Spanish….

I skied from 9am right until the lifts closed at 4:30pm and was so elated, I never felt tired.

I’m still a bit high off the day as I write this at 11pm at night.

Cerro Catedral today. image: snowbrains

I’ve only been here a week and we’ve already had 4 powder days and tomorrow will be another.

I simply cannot wait for tomorrow.


image: catedral, today


image:, today


Towers in the backcountry. image: snowbrains
Gorgeous day today. image: snowbrains
Nubes solo track today. image: snowbrains
Nubes today. image: snowbrains
Me and dead goats. image: snowbrains
Laguna today. image: snowbrains
Nubes today. image: snowbrains
Cerro Otto in Bariloche poking out above the cloud layer.
Party apres scene.



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