Bariloche, Argentina Conditions Report: Unexpected Powder Day

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Aimee Nubes slash today. image: snowbrains

Today was one of those great days that you didn’t expect.  It’s the perfect formula:  show up expecting nothing, discover that it’s pretty damn good, get your mind blown by how fun the conditions are.  That’s what happened today.

No snow was forecast last night, but it snowed.  It didn’t snow a ton, but it was just enough to cover up the old snow and wind blew just hard enough to buff everything out.

Nubes today. image: snowbrains

We got to the hill early and Nubes was untouched.  We touched it.  A lot.

The snow on Nubes was creamy, cold, buffed, and fantastic.

We skied all Day with Aimee’s 70-year-old dad (who came from California) on the first day of his 10 day trip and he said:

“If today was the only ski day I get here, I’d be completely satisfied!” – Jim

We lapped Nubes without stop until 3pm when we cruised over to La Laguna for a lap.  Laguna had seen a full refresh and the snow was terrific.

Aimee easily finding chair accessed freshies in the sun. photo: snowbrains

We were able to ski to the bottom today and only had to take our skis of twice.

Freakin’ great day today.

Today was the 5th powder day in a row here.

Forecast looks solid!

Miles on the lean on Nubes today. image: snowbrains


image: catedral, today




Del Bosque chair today. image: snowbrains
Jim & Nubes today. image: snowbrains
View from top of Nubes today. photo: snowbrains
Nubes today. photo: snowbrains
View from top of Nubes today. photo: snowbrains

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3 thoughts on “Bariloche, Argentina Conditions Report: Unexpected Powder Day

  1. Lapping Nubes until 3? My wife and I were on it until it shut down around 11. We had 2 awesome runs until wind shut it down and kept checking to see if it re-opened but never saw it running after that.

    Epic day though. Lots of powder even off of Lynch. Like you said, expected nothing, got powder refills all day.

    If you see 2 gringos say hi!

    1. Peter! May bad, this should have said it was published August 11th. Just updated.

      You’re correct. Shut down at 11am on August 12th. Still such a fun day!

      I’ll definitely say hi. If you see me in my obnoxious orange outfit, please say hi.


  2. Really!! Surprise powder day??? Cuz I have been tracking the storm that just hit you since late July…

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