Bariloche, Argentina Conditions Report: Wind Buffed Goodness

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Aimee on Condor. photo: snowbrains

Cerro Catedral in Bariloche, Argentina has been treating us very well.

Today was our 6th powder day in a row.

Miles going HUGE off Condor today. photo: snowbrains

It only snowed a little bit last night, but it came with big wind and it was cold.  It snowed down below the village.

Up high on Nubes, the wind had buffed things out and the snow was delicious.

We got on Nubes at 9:45am and got in 3 laps before they shut it down for wind.

Nubes today. So good. photo: snowbrains

On our first lap, there wasn’t a breath of wind and fairy tale snow was gently falling and weaving down.

On our second lap the wind showed up.  By our third lap, it was a full on gale.

We hiked Nubes once to continue the wind buff “buffy” harvest.

Hiking Nubes today. photo: snowbrains

From there we zipped over to Condor 3 and did a lap and found buffy hiding over there as well.  Condor 2 and 3 eventually closed due to high winds.

We skied until 3 and were very content.

Big storm rolling in tomorrow.  The ski resort may not open…

Aimee on Nubes today. photo: snowbrains


image: catedral, today


image:, today


Condor wind buff today. photo: snowbrains
Miles in the blur. photo: snowbrains
Yep.  photo:
The haunted house of Nubes looking good. photo: snowbrains

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