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South America Snow poking through the clouds

(editor’s note:  Our good friend, Evan Haines, will be in Bariloche, Argentina this summer skiing the backcountry of Patagonia.  He’ll be bringing us reports, photos, & videos of the some of the most beautiful ski zones on Earth)

words & photos by Evan Haines on May 31st, 2013

For those of you who are just straring to get into the summer type of weather wishing that you could roll back the clock a few months to get some more powder skiing in, you might want to head over to and start looking at some flights to South America.

The snow has started flying all over the Andes with more on the way. This is somewhat early for it to be snowing this much, so we are hoping that it means that we have a good snow year on the way.

South America Snowy mountains

Here in Bariloche the snow has been flying for a few days now, and it is forecast that there is more to come. There is already a decent amount on the ground for this time of the year, and there is another 6 inches forecast to come in tonight through tomorrow.

South America Snow photo 2

In the mountains to the south of Bariloche, the snow is on the ground and the wind is present as is Patagonian fashion. Thanks to the wind, there are drifts up to 5 feet in some places.

South America first snow of the year view from meadow

While it is not a huge amount of snow, it is a good and early start to the year. Cerro Catedral is set to open on June 20th, and if the snow continues to fall at this rate, it should be a great opening day.

South America first snow of the year mountain top

South America Snow

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  1. What does lodging cost around Bariloche? What are the options for 1 person without a car on a budget? Easy to rent a room for July and August?

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