Bariloche, Argentina Report: Big Wind, New Snow, & Afternoon Delight…

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Report from August 26th, 2019

Brought to you by Cerro Catedral

Yesterday morning was insanely windy and wild at Cerro Catedral, Argentina.

All the lifts were closed.

We waited around about 11am then went home.

Punta Nevada moody. image: snowbrains

At about 2pm, I noticed that they opened the lift and I went running back to the hill

I got on the Sextuple chair after 3pm, jumped on Punta Nevada and went running up to Nubes.

The wind was still howling at times but the sun was out intermittently.

Moody views to the west. image: snowbrains

Much of the upper mountain had been scoured by the wind, but there were clean, smooth spots where the wind had deposited snow.

The snow was super soft, but it was smooth and rip-able.

I cranked one lap in low visibility and vowed to find the sun on my 2nd run.

Some fresh tracks. image: snowbrains

On my 2nd, I also missed the sun.

On my 3rd I finally got it.

At that point, it was nearly 5pm and I headed home with a big smile.

A day that appeared to be ski-less became ski-full.

Punta Nevada. image: snowbrains


image: catedral, 8/27/19


image:, 8/27/19


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