Bariloche, Argentina Report: Blind Powder & Crazy Creek Skiing

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Report from August 6, 2022

Today was our 2nd day of the season in Argentine Patagonia at Cerro Catedral ski resort.

It was our 1st powder day.

We were guided around by the boys from Jibbin’.

Headed up! image: snowbrains

This is our 12th full season down here – which is hard to believe…

We’re pumped to be back after being kicked out of Argentina for 2 years due to COVID.

We pressed our faces directly into some true Patagonian weather this morning and couldn’t see anything but each other at times.

Top of the new lift, Lenga. image: snowbrains

Down in the creeks and forest, we were able to see more and have some fun.

The storm continues and we’re hoping for another blind powder day tomorrow then it looks like Monday might be wildly good with fresh snow, sunshine, and cold temps.

Last night we went the to 51st Festival de Nieve in downtown Bariloche and grabbed a beer and bite at Manush Cervezaria.Ā 

51st Festival de Nieve in downtown Bariloche, Argentina on 8/5/22. image: snowbrains

This place is otherwordly.


Snow Numbers

image: cerro catedral, 8/6/22


image:, 8/6/22


See not. image: snowbrains
Looking good. image: snowbrains
Manush appetizers. image: snowbrains
Tough visibility up high. image: snowbrains
Princessa II. image: snowbrains

Apre ski chill in Juli’s incredible house. image: snowbrains
This is how a creek should look. image: snowbrains
Manush Cervezeria. image: snowbrains

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    1. This trip is super fun if you don’t know Spanish. Most people here speak some English and tourism industry workers speak Spanish. You’ll be A-OK without Spanish and you’ll learn a little whilst here šŸ™‚

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