Bariloche, Argentina Report: Bluebird, Sendy Powder Day at Cerro Catedral

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Report from August 6th, 2019

Brought to you by Cerro Catedral

Cerro Catedral reported 10cms (4″) of snow overnight last night.

There was a lot more snow than that out there.

I started the day on the first chair and the sunrise was stunning.

Miles’ tracks from his 1st two airs today and Greggy ripping down in a smoke show. image: snowbrains

I got off the chair and walked straight up to the top of Nubes (it was closed to start the day).

The run down was creamy and dreamy.

I suspected that the La Laguna sidecountry zone was going to be blown in and sweet.

Miles up top in La Laguna. image: greggy

I ran out to La Laguna and it was as suspected:  smooth, buffed out, and deep.

My first run was incredible.

Fast, flowy, fun turns, well-covered take-offs, and fluffy landings.

La Hoya chair and tracks today. image: snowbrains

In the runout, it hit me that La Laguna was going to be epic today.

2nd run, I hit my favorite air in Bariloche:  Southern Drifter – a high-speed, blind take-off that launches you over and out to a perfectly steep and smooth landing – if you hit the right spot…

3rd run, I tried a new line I’d never hit and never seen filled in before, but I got lost.

Miles’ 1st track in Laguna today. image: snowbrains

I did hit the air at the bottom though, so I decided to do it once more to hit it right.

4th run, I tried to hit the new air with fluidity and speed, and that didn’t really work out either since I got tempted into hitting a small air on the run into the new air and had to do some wild speed check turns which got me off and I hit the new air even slower than before.

But, I was still stoked.

Rudi headed to the towers. image: snowbrains

I was very tired.

I skied down to the base area exhausted and happy.

Today was a spectacular sendy day at Cerro Catedral.

Golden Nubes chair at sunrise today. La Hoya and tracks today. image: snowbrains


image: catedral, 8/6/19


image:, 8/6/19


Diente de Caballo chair and a lone rider. image: snowbrains
Nubes chair in the morning. image: snowbrains
Punta Nevada chair. image: snowbrains
La Laguna. image: snowbrains
Del Bosque chair. image: snowbrains
La Laguna towers. image: snowbrains
Militares chair and tracks today. image: snowbrains
The gondola and Lake Nahuel Huapi. image: snowbrains

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