Death of BASE Jumper In California Yesterday Being Treated as ‘Suspicious’

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BASE jumper, died, suspicious, california
Police at the scene where the man’s body was found. Credit: ABC7

Authorities in Jurupa Valley, CA investigating the death of a BASE jumper, whose body was discovered in a rock quarry, have called the man’s death “suspicious” and are investigating the circumstances surrounding the fatality.

Initial reports claimed the parachutist found dead Sunday morning in a Southern California quarry may have been trying to perform a BASE jump from the quarry’s rim. His body was found around 7:30 am, Sunday morning, Nov. 3, according to Riverside Sheriff’s Deputy Mike Vasquez and Cal Fire. Authorities believe he’d been there since Saturday evening.

BASE jumper, died, suspicious, california
Riverside Quarry, CA

Formerly the long-abandoned Jensen Quarry, the Riverside Quarry is popular with rock climbers but closed in August as a result of nearby construction, reports. The area where the man’s body was found is located on private property and is enclosed with fencing. Although it is clearly marked with no trespassing signs, the quarry is known to be used by area base jumpers. An employee of the quarry said he met the man who died the previous day after he was kicked off the site and appeared to be scouting it out for a jump.

Although officials have not released any details about their ongoing investigation, Vasquez said the incident is being investigated as a suspicious death.

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