What is the Bay Area Snow Park?

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A synthetic snow park example
A synthetic snow park example

Word about the Bay Area Snow Park is starting to get around and gain momentum.

Everyone wants to know 2 things:  When will be it open?  and What will it look like?

I got on the phone with the gentleman who is orchestrating this project last week and asked him those very questions.  Martin was great and he told me every single thing about the Bay Area Snow Park and how it will operate… but it was all off the record.

bay area snow park

Martin assured me that a video will be coming out in the next few weeks that will explain every detail to all of us.

What Bay Area Snow Park needs right now, is for you to sign this petition to help get it started:


It only takes a few seconds to sign it and this is going to a very fun cause.

San Jose, California
San Jose, California

For now, here’s what we can tell you:


– Would likely be located in San Jose, CA

– The park will be made from synthetic snow like the ones shown in the images in this article

– The park would operate year round

synthetic snow
synthetic snow system

What is Synthetic Snow?

“It’s a high performance synthetic turf that never melts. There is a water misting system that lubricates the surface to give it the snow like look and feel. Underneath the surface there is a shock adsorbate layer like a wrestling mat that makes it forgiving when you fall. It feels like freshly groomed hard pack snow when you ride on it. You know when you turn your ski or board and you kick up snow? Well the same thing happens but it’s not snow, it’s water. It’s pretty awesome stuff. Be excited! The Storm IS Coming!” – SJsnow.com

Fake snow park video from VA

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3 thoughts on “What is the Bay Area Snow Park?

  1. 5 years and all we get is a petition to sign and discussions that are, “off the record.” Tell me something I didn’t know in 2008! Oh wait…the storm is coming? Lol.

  2. I went to college in San Jose (1999-2003) and this idea was kicked around then. They even had a website with all of this info, the same picture, all of that. It was to be located in Morgan Hill or somewhere else close by… with a proposed opening date of 2010.

    Obviously it never happened. It’s been in the works for a long time, and – unless the people involved got over it and passed the torch – I applaud them for their perseverance. And although I’m no longer a park rat and would probably never ride this myself, I’d be stoked if it actually came to fruition so kids can enjoy it.

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