Be Bold, Start Cold

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Be bold and start cold! | Photo: SnowBrains. | Location: Alta Ski Area 11/11/20

“Hey, old man! Aren’t you cold, hiking in just THAT? It’s freaking dumping out!” A curious grom asks a white-whiskered, veteran of the slopes who’s wearing nothing but a light sweater and ski pants as he tours up into the gray abyss.

“You would think that, but I’m actually the perfect temperature right now. It’s YOU that’s going to be hot in that puffy,” he replies. “Remember: Be bold, start cold,” the old man of the snow said to the eager tourer.

And the old man wasn’t just rambling or lost—he had a damn point. 

If you start a tour wearing minimal layers and are already feeling cold (which, given the current conditions will likely require a certain degree of bravery), then your body will warm itself up as you shed calories hiking up the hill. This will prevent you from overheating, and keep you more comfortable on the way up.

You’ll also get to avoid stopping and shedding a layer or having to cool off. This might even make you feel less thirsty on the ascent.

Plus it makes you look pro. 

And who doesn’t want to look pro when they’re not?

So remember—next time you got a big objective in your sights and the weather is cold and the snow is falling—be bold. Start your tour cold. And let your body warm itself up so you don’t have to deal with the hassle of being too warm on the walk up.

And also please be safe and kind in the mountains this season! 

Ok, maybe don’t start TOO cold. | Photo: Daily Star

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4 thoughts on “Be Bold, Start Cold

  1. Or how about starting out with a jacket on and stopping to take it off when you warm up , so you always have an extra jacket for someone (think avalanche or injury)
    And please everyone stop being in such a shit fire hurry everywhere all the time.

    1. That works too! I always bring a jacket in the pack, but I like to start cold and warm myself up so I don’t have to get my hands cold later messing around with my bag. And totally agreed! Slow down and enjoy it…

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