Man Killed in Bear Attack While Clearing Trail Behind Home in Alaska

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Brown bear. Credit: Elizabeth Meyers | Unsplash

A man was killed in a bear attack on the Kenai Peninsula, AK officials reported Thursday. State Troopers were notified just after 10 pm Wednesday of the mauling.

The man had been clearing a trail in the Chugach National Forest, approximately one mile behind his property, just off the Hope Hwy. His wife became concerned when he was overdue, and their dog, which had been with him returned home alone.

Friends and family located the man’s body, which had wounds consistent with a bear attack.

alaska, bear attack
The location of the fatal bear attack, Sunrise City, AK.

State Troopers, the US Forest Service, and the Alaska Department of Fish and Game are investigating the attack. Initial findings suggest it was a brown bear attack.

“It’s very rare that someone is injured by a bear and even more rare that someone would be killed. It’s always a very tragic situation.”

– spokeswoman for Alaska Department of Fish and Game

The spokeswoman added that it’s important for anyone active in the Alaskan outdoors to understand bear behavior and how to respond appropriately because each encounter is different.

The fatal attack is the first in Alaska since 2018, the eighth in Alaska since 2010 and the first in North America in 2020.

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