Brown Bear Eats 16-Year-Old Boy in National Park Known as ‘Russia’s Yosemite’

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The aggressive bear was tracked and killed. Credit: Ergaki National Park

A brown bear has killed and eaten a sixteen-year-old boy in a Russian National Park. The horrifying incident took place in Ergaki, known as Russia’s Yosemite for its similarity to the Californian national park.

A tourist attacked by the bear managed to escape by stabbing the beast in the neck with a penknife. He was then able to flee and raise the alarm at a nearby campground.

Rangers at Ergaki National Park in the Sayan Mountains rushed to the scene where they found the bear lying by the devoured remains of the teenager some 500 meters from the camp.

Campsite at Ergaki National Park, Russia.

The aggressive bear was tracked the next morning and shot and killed.

“After hours of tracking, the man-eating bear was killed by the park staff.”

– Park statement

The boy worked as a sherpa for the holiday group when he was attacked and killed at around 11 am on Monday. The other man attacked was searching for the boy who had not been seen for nine hours, and suffered scratches, cuts and bruises from his fight with the bear.

Prolonged cold weather this year had led to thick snow cover, preventing the bears from feeding properly.

Ergaki is a mountain range in the Western Sayan Mountains in southern Siberia, Russia. The highest point is peak Zvyozdniy at 7,431-feet.

Ergaki Nature Park is a protected area which contains the mountain range.

Ergaki Park, Russia

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