The Best Run in Freeride World Tour History? | Yesterday

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Run of Smoothy Sam (NZL) – Swatch Freeride… by FreerideWorldTourTV

Sam Smoothy from New Zealand put it all on the line and won yesterday.  He skied a line up top – in not-so-great snow – that was do or die.  He then proceeded to continue charging down the venue. He even pulled off a funky flat landing big air at the bottom that bucked him onto one ski. He got his other ski back down after doing a bit of ballet and hardly bobbled.

His run was the winning run of the day. 

If he would have fallen up top, he would have been in big trouble.  It appears that a fall in that 2nd gnarly zone would have been life-altering if not ending.  Our sport is going in a crazy direction, isn’t it?  But, when it goes well – as it did today – it’s absolutely breathtaking.

What’s even more impressive is the FWT is visual inspection only.  He skied that after having only looked at it.  In all likelihood, Sam had never even skied that zone before.

Congrats Sam.  Unreal run.

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