California’s Best Swimming Holes: The Secret “Skinny Dip”

Justin Briggs | RaftRaft

I recently took a solo trip down to the secret “Skinny Dip” swimming hole located in Oakhurst, CA. The 4 mile-long dirt roads and hidden paths had me turning in circles, but once I got on the right track, it was very easy to find. A very short .25 mile hike had me swimming in no time. The water was flowing at a decent rate, enough for the 20-foot waterfall to fill the pool below and continue down to other Jacuzzis and pools. The water was about 10 feet deep, so it was a perfect place to dive (feet first, of course). There was another pool down the river with about a 25-foot drop in which you could dive in, but I couldn’t see a proper exit back up to the top so I decided not to press my luck and stay out of the unknown.

Skinny Dip, CA.
Skinny Dip, CA.

The water was cold but refreshing. Gorgeous trees and quarries surrounded the area which provides some privacy, enough privacy to “skinny dip”, perhaps. Located near some small towns, this place is a great way to get away from the familiar and adventure into some new territory. I was the only person at the swimming hole which allowed me to really enjoy my time at the liquid getaway. The last town you go through to get to the dirt roads had some really kickass local flavor. Exploring new areas lets me experience different cultures and landscapes.

Overall, my journey was fun and successful. Great water, great scenery, and great food. This place should still be a good adventure for the next couple of weeks.  Hope you all can enjoy this mini oasis as much as I did.

Skinny Dip swimming hole, CA.
Skinny Dip swimming hole, CA.

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3 thoughts on “California’s Best Swimming Holes: The Secret “Skinny Dip”

  1. Thanks for information on the swimming hole. It looks fun! Are there more in the area that are not as remote?

  2. hahaha, I know about that one. Didn’t they just put the large fire out in that area?

    Lots of others in CA. Can you say Yuba and American Rivers, all are within 30 miles of
    my house!

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