Best Tele-edit Ever Made? | Beans and Rice Freeride Webisode 1

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Skinning up at dawn in the Tetons
Skinning up at dawn in the Tetons

Quality hippy stoke has arrived from Beans and Rice Freeride to the tune of Pink Floyd — this time from the “Deepside of the Tetons” rather than the “Dark side of the Moon.”  This video is SICK and may just be the best 5-minute Tele-edit to date.

Schralping the gnar
Schralping the gnar

It looks like Jake and Paul have found a backyard full of what many people only dream of.  They are embracing a simpler, more sustainable, human powered lifestyle that consists of only their deepest & steepest passion.  And of course, rice and beans.

Fresh tracks for days...
Fresh tracks for days…

Get stoked to schralp the gnar!  Winter is just beyond our fingertips, and getting closer every day.

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Rice and beans... The healthy way, to go pro.

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