Big Sky, MT Announces $150 Million Resort Improvement Plan: “Big Sky 2025”

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image: big sky
image: big sky

Big Sky ski resort in Montana will be pumping $150 million into their ski resort in the next 9 years.


  • Lone Peak Triple will be replaced with a six-person, high-speed, bubble chair with heated seats.
  • Challenger Lift will be replaced with a new and improved triple chair.
Lone Peak at Big Sky, MT. image: big sky
Lone Peak at Big Sky, MT. image: big sky


Big Sky Resort Announces Big Sky 2025: A Focused Vision For The Future

BIG SKY, MONT. (Aug. 24, 2016) – Big Sky Resort, located in southwest Montana and owned by Boyne Resorts, today unveiled Big Sky 2025: A Focused Vision For The Future, its bold commitment to progressive improvements and sustainable growth over the next decade. Led with an investment of over $150 million in resort improvements, the vision far exceeds expansion of the resort’s infrastructure, it represents a pledge of extraordinary attention to detail and a pioneering spirit that will transform Big Sky Resort and all that surrounds its iconic Lone Peak, furthering a collective identity as the American Alps. The phased implementation includes development of one of North America’s most advanced chairlift networks to serve the highest vertical in the United States, newly created on-mountain activities and elevated lodging, dining and shopping experiences, active engagement in leading the Big Sky region to its full potential among the most livable and sustainable mountain communities, and greatly expanded options for air access and ground transportation.

“For more than 67 years, my family and our organization has remained committed to creating memorable experiences at unique destinations, often inspired by sense of place and attention to detail,” said Stephen Kircher, president of Boyne Resorts’ eastern operations. “Big Sky will become the best representation of that ideal with our 2025 efforts.”

An Emphasis on the Alpine Experience: Big Sky 2025 wholly reflects the resort’s historic prioritization of offering an exceptional skiing experience. Aligned with that, build-out of one of the most advanced high-speed lift networks known across all North American resorts will boost Big Sky Resort to offer the highest lift-served vertical in the United States at over 4500 feet. The ski experience lives up to the resort name. The resort’s epic steeps, glades and side-country terrain, superior quality and reliability of snow and cold smoke powder days are unrivaled. The grandeur of Lone Peak, views as if from the top-of-the-world, added to awareness of absolute freedom among vast mountains, unpopulated trails and infinite skies truly separate it from the rest. Big Sky Resort’s fame as the biggest ski experience in America is to be reinforced over the next decade with ongoing expansion of terrain.

Plans for the high-tech lift system are symbolic of the resort’s overall improvement strategy with 12 new or upgraded lifts. This commitment is already represented with the installation of two new state-of-the-art Doppelmayr lifts underway this summer. Accessing Lone Peak’s bowl and replacing the Lone Peak Triple is a six-place high-speed detachable featuring the ultimate in guest comfort with “Big Sky blue” bubble chairs with heated seats and child friendly restraining bars. At a quick three minutes to the top, uphill travel time on this soon-to-be-named lift is more than twice as fast as the previous ride.

Challenger Lift serves the long and steep runs that dominate the mountain’s Challenger area and its replacement promises to enhance the overall experience for those seeking terrain reserved exclusively for expert-level skiers. The fast fixed grip lift being installed is accompanied by a conveyor load system that aides safer loading and fewer stops. The three-person Challenger lift is a substantial upgrade from the previous double and not only speeds travel by one third, it will be much more wind resistant.

Extraordinary on-mountain dining experiences, taking many cues from the best throughout the Alps, will complement the already growing menu of high-alpine activities for all ages and interests. The ease and access to explore Big Sky Resort’s vast topography during every season will be unmatched, while guests will also have opportunity to discover small pleasures that inspire a genuine connection to the mountain, a profound sense of place, or a memory that becomes unforgettably Big Sky.

The Heart of it All: Enlivenment and thoughtfully paced expansion of the resort’s Mountain Village are core to the overall Big Sky 2025 vision. A pedestrian-friendly setting, vibrant through all seasons, that is in keeping with the resort’s Montana roots yet reflective of Europe’s quaint mountain villages is envisioned. Building on recent enhancements to dining and shopping options, the near term and future phases include further upgrades to existing facilities and adding diverse and truly unique dining, shopping, lodging and entertainment venues. While at the same time expanding and improving meeting and special event facilities. A distinguished manner of hospitality and attention to detail will be sensed in the Mountain Village and recognized throughout the resort.

Symbiotic Relationship: Big Sky Resort, as the area’s largest employer, remains committed to helping lead the community’s ongoing efforts to become one of the most livable and sustainable mountain communities in the Rockies. Priorities are for helping to create more affordable housing options while continuing to build upon and support key quality of life initiatives. The resort has held leadership roles in the inception and expansion of public facilities such as the hospital, Warren Miller Performing Arts Center, parks, trails and workforce housing. Big Sky 2025 helps support the near-future investment of over $1 billion in the community by the resort’s development partners and others.

Transportation: Big Sky Resort continues to lead the effort to make the Big Sky/Bozeman area the most accessible mountain venue outside of Denver and Salt Lake City. Big Sky 2025 prioritizes adding additional non-stop flights from more cities, with more frequency, with more seats, and creating better pricing options for more travelers. The resort’s commitment to growth in air transportation spans the past four decades and focus will also remain on helping to facilitate ground transportation solutions to and from the Bozeman area and within the Big Sky community itself.

“Boyne has a 40-year history of investing in Big Sky, and is now doubling down to continue sustainable growth in the community,” said Taylor Middleton, president and general manager of Big Sky Resort.

Big Sky Resort was founded in 1973. The story that has unfolded was gently guided and soulfully influenced by many and its story continues to unfold. Big Sky 2025 is a vision spanning the next decade, and is also the source for the words, theme, character, and images that will become the next and perhaps most important chapters within the story. A story that the alpine explorer of any age and ability will want to be part of. The envisioned future capitalizes on the resort’s natural strengths like never before. It brings focus to its deeply treasured location and honors the maturing sense of community. Big Sky Resort’s ski experience is considered by many as America’s closest comparison to the experience of the European Alps. The enhancements ahead will reinforce the identity of Big Sky being the “American Alps”.

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