Big Sky Resort, MT Undergoes Construction of the Fastest 6-Seat Lift in the United States

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Construction of the Swift Current 6, the fastest 6 seat lift in America. PC: Big Ski via Facebook

With ski season just around the corner and people itching to travel, lift wait times could be longer than ever for the 2021-2022 ski season. Luckily, Big Sky Resort in Montana has a solution: installing the fastest six-seat chairlift in the US. This chairlift, known as the Swift Current 6, is predicted to be completed within the next two months.

Big Sky’s former Swift Current Quad chairlift was around a 12-minute ride, according to Stacie Mesuda, Big Sky Resort’s public relations manager. This commute that takes up a fifth of an hour will be cut in half to about a seven-minute ride with the new lift. Mesuda is confident that the new lift paired with the preexisting Ramcharger 8 “will completely revolutionize the way people are moving through the base area”.

Not only will the speedy lift travel 19.5 feet per second, but it will also be the “world’s most technologically advanced chairlift”, as stated by NBC Montana. The lift will be fitted with heated seats, individual head and foot rests, and a weatherproof bubble. This comfort matched with the overall smoothness of the ride will provide a relaxing place to refuel after runs. Technology pursued when creating this lift will push Big Sky closer to meeting its 2025 goal of hosting the most technologically advanced lift network in North America.

Skiers are looking forward to the comfortability and convenience the lift will provide to the resort. If plans stay on track, the chairlift should be completed by Thanksgiving day. Likewise, Big Sky opens the same day.

chairlift installation
Construction of the Swift Current 6 should be completed by Thanksgiving. PC: Big Sky Resort via Facebook

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