Big Storm Brings Endless Pow Turns in Australia This Week & Closes Road to Hotham

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Closed road near Hotham, Aus (Photo: Hotham Facebook)

It’s been dumping the past few days in Victoria and New South Wales, Australia with up to 65cm of snow in some spots. Hotham experienced road closures from Harrietville, and the road has still not opened. The road is opent to Hotham from the other direction and people are skiing what has been called the storm of the year. Two Men in Victoria actually were trapped in their car for three days because of all the snow. Luckily, they had enough supplies to comfortably survive the ordeal before being rescued this morning.

Cold Smoke at Hotham (Photo: Hotham Facebook)

Temperatures have remained around -5 C (23 F), so the snow has been super light. The big winner was Perisher who saw 4ocm in the past 24 hours. Thredbo recieved 25cm and is looking at another 20-40 in the coming days. Hotham woke up to 28cm today and the pictures look incredible.

Deep turns at Hotham (Photo: Hotham Facebook)

“There’ll be yet another front on Thursday night, so we’re likely to see similar snow on Friday morning,” – BoM Senior Forecaster Scott Williams

The cold stormy weather is expected to persist, with another cold front coming this week. It is not usual for Australia to see weather like this at this point in their winter, but it looks like they will get an abundance of early spring pow turns this week and weekend. Most resorts are expecting around 20cm from the next storm.

The snow keeps coming for Australia (Photo:

Of course with all this snow comes avalanche danger, and with how light the snow has been the snowpack is a little unstable. Ski Patrol does a great job inbounds; but as always if you plan on going into the backcountry, test the snowpack and make a conservative decision. With the consistent harsh weather this week the backcountry is an ever-changing and hard to access environment


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