Size 2 Avalanche Inbounds at Big White Ski Resort, BC

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big white, Canada, British Columbia, avalanche
The size 2 avalanche, and the snowmobile tracks. Credit: Big White Facebook

Big White Ski Resort, BC is warning the public after a large avalanche on the mountain late Sunday night.

“It’s dangerous. When we closed the resort, we stopped throwing hand-bombs. There’s no more blasting to take place to make the area safe where people can ski and snowboard. We stopped doing them the day we closed.”

– Michael J. Ballingall, senior vice president of Big White Ski Resort

The size two avalanche occurred in an area called The Cliff. Size two avalanches can bury, injure or even kill a person.

big white, Canada, British Columbia, avalanche
Off-season trail access rules. Credit: Big White Facebook

In their Facebook post, Big White also reminded the public that snowmobiles are not permitted within the ski resort boundary. The picture of the avalanche clearly shows snowmobile tracks, although there is no indication that they triggered the slide.

“It’s dangerous. You can fall through the snow. In some places, it’s still 12-18 feet deep and streams and creeks are running under the snow.”

– Michael J. Ballingall

Ballingall warned that anyone recreating on the mountain right now is doing so at their own risk, as the resort does not implement its regular safety protocols during the off-season.

Big White opens for their summer season on July 1st.

Trail Map.

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