Big White is the 3rd BC Resort to Close Early Due to Covid-19

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Big White is located an hour southeast of Kelowna, British Columbia in interior British Columbia. Image courtesy of Big White.

Earlier this week, Canada’s largest resort, Whistler Blackcomb, was forced to end their season early due to rising Covid-19 cases in the area. Within 48-hours they were followed by Revelstoke Mountain Resort who originally closed for one day due to covid-related staff shortages which escalated into the end of their season.  Now, Big White ski resort is doing the same.

Originally scheduled to close on April 11th, Big White will now see their season end after this weekend on April 5th.

Big White points to two reasons for their decision: an increase in inquiries from people from Vancouver looking to travel there and the recent violation of Covid-19 guidelines when a restaurant at Big White, Charley Victoria’s All-Day Après, threw a large party after new stricter Covid guidelines were released from the province.

Above: video from inside the party at Charley Victoria’s All-Day Après. As seen, no masks nor social distancing measures were taken place. The restaurant has now been evicted by Big White.

In a statement from Big White, they say,

“With most B.C. resorts closing as of Monday, April 5, and with the disregard for COVID-19 protocols exhibited at Charley Victoria’s All-Day Après on Monday evening, Big White Ski Resort Ltd recognized closing early as a necessary action to keep its guests, residents, and team members safe from COVID-19.”

Through the season, Big White has not been immune to Covid-19 related issues. Earlier this season, Big White battled a Covid-19 outbreak within their employee housing that infected over one hundred people.

Across Canada, Covid-19 cases are rising on a trajectory that could see them be the highest during the pandemic, and provinces across the country are taking precautions. Limiting skiing and the potential to gather with people outside of your home is one of them, although it is not the end of the world for ski resorts as the season was beginning to wind down anyway.

For an updated list of when ski resorts in British Columbia and Alberta are planning to close, you can check our coverage on that here.

As Covid-19 cases continue to rise, it will be interesting to see if and how summer operations at many ski resorts will be affected. Image courtesy of the BC Centre for Disease Control.

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