Social Media Star “Bikini Hiker” Died of Hypothermia After Falling Down a Ravine

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social media, fall death, bikini hiker, bikini
Gigi Wu, 36, died of hypothermia after falling down a ravine. Credit: Facebook

A social media star known as the “Bikini Hiker”, famous for her bikini-clad mountaintop photos, froze to death after falling down a 65-foot ravine earlier this week, reports Vice.

Gigi Wu, a 36-year-old Taiwanese woman, died this week when hiking the Batongguan Historic Trail in Yushan National Park in Taiwan. During her hike, Wu fell down the ravine and survived her injuries. However, she wasn’t able to move and was trapped at the bottom of the gorge. Wu made a distress call on a satellite phone and told her friends she couldn’t move her lower half but was able to get rescuers her coordinates.

social media, fall death, bikini hiker
Gigi Wu became an internet sensation for her bikini photos on mountain summits. Credit: Facebook

The rescue plan was hindered when the weather turned and instead of using a helicopter, rescuers had to set out on foot. It took 43 hours to reach her and according to the news outlet Focus Taiwan, Wu died due to hypothermia. However, there is absolutely no indication that Wu was wearing a bikini at the time of her fall or that her bikini-wearing had anything to do with her death.

Wu began her mountaintop photos after she lost a bet to a friend a few years ago. Her exploits started to gain traction online and she grew her following to about 14,000 followers. Her last photo on top of a mountain was posted on January 9 of this year.

social media, fall death, bikini hiker
Wu began her exploits after losing a bet to a friend. Credit: Facebook

Wu’s Facebook page has since been turned into a memorial for the woman. People from across the world have flocked to her page to pay tribute to the ‘Bikini Hiker’ and praise her way of life.

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