VIDEO: Black Bear Charges at Woman Taking Photos

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When there’s a bear-jam, it’s probably not the best idea to leave your vehicle. Unless, you know, that Instagram shot is worth being ripped to shreds for.

Luckily for this woman, she knew exactly what to do: turn her back and hope for the best. Thankfully, that’s what she got, narrowly avoiding a Darwin Award.

black bear, charges woman
Did he see me? Credit: Viral Hog

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2 thoughts on “VIDEO: Black Bear Charges at Woman Taking Photos

  1. Never turn your back on a wild animal
    Back up slowly and put a tree or car between you and the bear. That woman is incredibly lucky the bear did not attack her . More evidence people are stupid.

  2. I really can’t think of a better way to destroy nature than to have all these wankers who think an adventure is wearing Lululemon pants and a pair of Macy’s jogging shoes while driving around in their Lexus with the windows rolled up and the AC on, stopping in the middle of the road to take pics of “wildlife” with their iPhones and then stating, “I didn’t think the mommy bear with her cubs minded me coming up to her to take a picture. I should sue someone”.

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