Black Crows Debuts Fall/Winter 2021-2022 Collection

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All photos provided by Black Crows.

Black Crows debuted their Fall/Winter 2021 clothing collection on Tuesday. Here’s what they had to say:

SEPTEMBER 28, 2021: For Fall 2021, Black Crows has set the bar for innovation in high-performance ski wear, incorporating new fabrics that expand the possibilities for comfort and function, while valuing sustainability and ethical practices, and maintaining uncompromising style and clean and distinctive aesthetic appeal. 

“The new Black Crows collection of ski clothing shows our commitment to meticulous technical construction and unique design. We created the new tech-line to meet the harsh demands of ski mountaineering in the high alpine with the addition of pieces leaning towards comfort and aesthetics inside the boundaries of the resort to complement them.”

– Tristan Droppert, North American marketing manager

The collection, for men’s and womenswear, comprises Big Mountain, Mountain Touring, and All-Terrain categories that feature silhouettes designed with ultra-specific sport and adventure in mind. The Black Crows design process creates pieces that are highly specialized with seamless cuts and sleek, minimal colorways. This season dials in the fit of each outfit, so that when you ski hard, you look flawless (we support a little high-altitude vanity).

The Big Mountain category centers around the Ora silhouettes, designed for freeride and off-piste skiing: it’s minimal, ergonomic, and practical. The Ora Xpore ripstop silhouette, with bib and jacket, is composed of Xpore fabric, an all-weather, highly breathable material that uses the most eco-sustainable performance textile technology available. The Xpore membrane is entirely waterproof but breathable and is also free of all chemical solvents, so it’s 100 percent non-toxic. The Ora body map silhouette incorporates Polartec alpha direct active insulation, the newest in adaptable tech fabric that repels moisture and continuously releases excess body heat. All of the Ora pieces are designed to be elegant armor on the mountain: protective, intuitive, and stylish.

black crows,
Black Crows’ ora xpore ripstop jacket. Photo credit: Black Crows

The Mountain Touring category, for mountain skiing and randonnée, is made up of the Freebird silhouettes, which are dependable and lightweight. These pieces, from the lightest wool jackets to waterproof Xpore protective outer layers, are sport-focused, and specifically designed for comfort to carry you from the near to the far side of the mountain. Each ultra-specific need is seamlessly integrated into the design, from pocket placement to the flawless fit between layers, so you can feel light and go far. Way far.

Black Crows’ Freebird Xpore Silhouette kit. Photo credit: Black Crows

All Terrain silhouette, the Ferus, is designed for all-terrain, freeride, and resort skiing. The pieces are insulating and innovative, with a refined style that suits all phases of the day at the resort. Warmth and comfort are a necessity, and style is thoughtful and executed to the highest standard.

For this season, 100% of the collection is made in European factories, and collections utilize eco-friendly Xpore fabrications, a shift that represents Black Crows’ eco-consciousness and efforts to preserve the environment and climate that brings so much joy. All down in coats (like the Ora micro down jacket and the Freebird expe down jacket) is 100 percent traceable duck down and feathers and RSD (Responsible Down Standard) Certified, so the welfare of the birds is respected at every stage.

“We’re very excited that the new collection is 100% made in Europe, and the quality of craftsmanship is stellar. We are using many new recycled textiles and are looking forward to continued innovation and the future of black crows in the outerwear space.”

– Tristan Droppert

For the first time ever, Black Crows is also introducing new active layers in merino wool: long and short sleeve base layers cut to fit perfectly under Black Crows outwear. The statement colorways and graphics are created with true Black Crows fans in mind.

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