Black Ops Valdez Heli, AK Conditions Report: 18″ of Smokey Powder and Blue Skies

Miles Clark | | Conditions ReportConditions Report
Pete. image: snowbrains

Yesterday I boarded a plane at in Anchorage, AK headed to Valdez, AK at 8:25am.

I then boarded a Black Ops Valdez helicopter at noon.

It had snowed 18″ of snow during the previous 3 days.

Skies were clear, wind was non-existent, temperatures were in the 20s.

Ryan and AK. image: snowbrains

It was a dream day in a dream location with a dream crew.

Our guide, Pete, was dialed.

Smoke oozed, poured, and flowed out of every turn, every slash, every drop.

We skied 4 runs before weather ripped in at an impressive speed and sent us back to the base.

We were all shocked.

Thompson Pass, AK Vistas. image: snowbrains

5 of us rolled in hot directly from Anchorage to the heli pad and charged those 4 deep snow runs in incredible terrain and none of us were well able to wrap our heads around the experience.

Beers and appetizers and showers and reviewing the images captured during the day jogged our memories.

It was a special day in the mountains.

The kind of day you dream about. 

The kind of day you pray to have in Alaska.

Sebastian from Germany shredding. image: snowbrains


Thompson Pass, Valdez, AK forecast. image: noaa, today


Yes. image: snowbrains
Guide Pete is good at skiing. image: snowbrains
Intense views. image: snowbrains
Miles. image: snowbrains
Pow shred. Guide Pete. image: snowbrains
Black Ops base. image: snowbrains

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