Black Ops Valdez Heli Skiing, AK Delivers The Goods Via The Best Ski Terrain on Earth:

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Stock image of Griffin Post getting it done Black Ops Valdez on one of those days it all comes together! 📷 @Nic Alegre

Last month, I spent a week with Black Ops Valdez Heli in Valdez, Alaska riding the best ski terrain on Earth.

The entire experience was dreamlike – unreal terrain, luxurious lodge, all-star staff, and one of the best ski days of my life.

We heli-skied 3 days while I was in town but skied 4 days worth of heli time due to our double day skied on St. Patty’s Day – a day I’ll never forget.

I was fortunate enough to stay in Black Ops Valdez’s Robe Lake Lodge.  This lodge is luxurious, comfy, cozy, and a great place to recharge after a killer day in the hills via their hot tub, sauna, and comfy sofas.

Below, I break down my experience at Black Ops Valdez and just what means to live in luxury while riding the ski terrain on Earth.

The Heli Skiing:

Legendary guide Jerry Hance and background music. image: snowbrains

I don’t need to explain how impressive the terrain in Valdez is since you’ve seen it in movies and magazines, but I will anyway.  It’s the best powder skiing on Earth via some of the best terrain on Earth.  As far as I’m concerned, Alaska is by far the best skiing on Earth and I don’t think there are many people out there who would disagree.

The terrain is vast, it’s big, it’s steep, it’s long, and it’s stunning.

After stepping out of the heli, the first thing I say every time is:  whoa…

I know that I’m staring at the best ski terrain on Earth – it’s all around me and right under my skis.

Unreal terrain for days. image: snowbrains

The Lodge:

black ops valdez, heli-skiing, alaska, robe lake lodge
The luxurious Robe Lake Lodge, in beautiful surroundings. Credit: Black Ops Valdez

The Robe Lake Lodge that Black Ops Valdez owns and operates is pure luxury.  Hot tub, suana, big rooms, comfy beds, boot driers, terrific views, and delicious food define this lodge.

The food here is world class.  Alaska king crab legs, steaks, eggs benedict, french toast, pancakes, halibut, and custom build bag lunches.  You will not go hungry here…

black ops valdez, heli-skiing, alaska, robe lake lodge
The Great Room has accumulated some character over the years. Credit: Black Ops Valdez

The Transportation:

image: black ops valdez

You don’t have to worry about transportation at all if you’re staying at the Robe Lake Lodge.  Black Ops Valdez has a driver and a mini bus they’ll take you where you want to go when you want to go there.  If it’s a fly day, they’ll leave the lodge at 8:15am to the heli pad to maximize the day.

On down days, they’ll take you to town, or the glacier, or skiing road laps, whatevers.

Black Ops Valdez makes the entire experience smooth with bus transport from their Robe Lake Lodge to their heli pad where you jump in and fly a very short flight into their extensive tenure.

The Food: 

Ceviche! image: snowbrains

As stated before, the food is world class at the Robe Lake Lodge – Alaska king grab legs, steaks, eggs benedict, french toast, pancakes, halibut, and custom build bag lunches.  

The kitchen staff comes in two shifts:  Robert & Heather and in the morning and Bridget, Maddie, and Dallas at night.  Both crews instill smiles, good vibes, and full bellies.

The cooks and kitchen staff are experienced, fun, and full of stories.

Both breakfast and dinner are cooked right in front of you by real professionals and it shows in the food presentation and taste.

You will not be disappointed and you will not go hungry.

Even the bag lunches are great and they’ll keep you well fueled on the hill.

Down Days:  

Black Ops Snowcat. image: black ops valdez

On down days, Black Ops offers a variety of activities including road lap skiing, cat skiing, sled skiing, snowmobiling, ice climbing, glacier walking, town wandering, and more.

It’s also pretty darned nice to just chill out in the lodge and watch the snowfall from the hot tub, read books, and just be warm and comfy.

Black Ops snowmobiles. image: black ops valdez

The People:

Part of the All-Star crew. image: black ops valdez

What really makes Black Ops Valdez pop is its people.  They have the most experienced guide in the Chugach, Jerry Hance.  He’s got this place dialed and his intense love for skiing is inspiring.  I haven’t met many people who love to ski more than I do – Jerry is one of them…

Black Ops guide, support staff, kitchen staff, and owners all work hard and understand Alaska heli skiing and how to make guests happy.

Good people are hard to find, but Black Ops Heli most certainly has found great people.

Jerry Hance tearing it up. image: snowbrains


If you’re interested in riding the best ski terrain on Earth, make sure to give Black Ops Valdez a call.

You’ll never regret it.

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