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Most mountain folks that I know like to have a beer or two after a day on the hill skiing, boarding, biking, climbing, ect… Sometimes, maybe more than we would like to admit, the Apres turns into a big night and the next morning you wake up feeling a bit rough. Black to Life is a product designed to detoxify your system and get you back to feeling like your awesome self quickly using the power of carbonized bamboo nano powder.

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Created by Sun Valley freeskier Conor Davis this product is the result of real world testing.

Conor’s Words:

I had heavy metal poisoning, and I was taking “carbonized bamboo” to pull the toxins out of my system. By a fluke, i was really hungover and took my daily detox… I couldn’t believe how quickly my hangover disappeared.
then i went to the drawing board, at first i was trying to make a drink utilizing the carbonized bamboo, but with production and shipping costs, it just wasn’t working… so we went to powder, and everything has started to take off…
Our first product “Flash Black” was developed specifically to negate the symptoms of a hangover… However, due to its amazing formula, many athletes are replacing their sports drink with it, because its vitamins, minerals and electrolytes assimilate quickly into the body. My ingredients are sourced for the cleanest manufactures, we don’t use any kind of: binder, filler, excipient, or flow agent in any of our detox drink powders.


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2 thoughts on “Black to Life | Detox Product/Hangover Destroyer

  1. I highly recommend this product! It works amazingly! I was very very happy with its alcohol detoxification properties. In the midst of one helluva binge drinking day I was told, “just trust me”. I drank one before bed, and even had one in the morning. The next day should have been a very gnarly day of bed rest, consequently after using flash black i easily went for a mountain bike ride…before noon!
    My next revelation was after i started regularly using flash black (specifically the pure black bulk product). All aspects of my personal health have increased. Mornings are easier, workouts are better, i can even admit studying is more effective. But more importantly…partying is better too! Try it out, Just trust me.

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