Blackrock Bike Park, Oregon: July 4th-8th Conditions Report

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Words, video, and most photos by John Bamford.

Blackrock’s Trail Sections:

Basic Training: Green(easiest)

Bonzai Downhill: Green Rating (easiest)

Sickter Gnar: Blue Rating(intermediate)

Slayer: Blue Rating(intermediate)

Dino’s Runaround: Black Rating(most difficult)

Sunday Stroll/Brake Check: Black Rating(most difficult)

Grannies Kitchen: Black Rating(most difficult)

Conditions Report:

Blackrock’s trails were extraordinary this past weekend.  The conditions couldn’t have been any better.  The best thing about Blackrock is that the dirt always stays moist even in the driest Summers (a perk of Oregon’s infamous wet Winter weather). The trails were worked on a ton this past Winter and Spring by the Black Rock Mountain Bike Association (BRMBA).  They really got their act together maintaining and upgrading the park.

John 360
John Bamford (a.k.a. The BAMF) whipping a 360 over one of Blackrock’s step ups.

Most of the wooden features have been rebuilt with fresh, new planks.  That being said, there are a few features that are temporarily closed, however, there are routes around them with alternate jumps to hit in place. The salad tosser step down was closed on the 4th but was back open for the weekend’s demo day.

The view from the top take-off point on the Cheese Grater. Photo: Jason Van Horn
Drop line options found in the Basic Training Skills area. Photo: Jason Van Horn

Check out an in depth overview of the entire park at Black Rock: Oregon’s Freeride Destination

Demo day was July 7th and the beginner trails got to be a little rough and loose in the corners.  Regardless, the expert trails are where it’s at — if you can handle ’em.  The ET sender off of Granny’s Kitchen is in prime condition right now, the landing and berm have been built perfectly.

Some sweet lookin’ trails through the forest.

All in all the conditions were amazing; BRMBA stepped up their creative game this past Winter with a number of awesome new additions.  The trails haven’t been this good in several years.  Based on the forecast, it should be sunny and clear through next week meaning there will be great riding in perfect conditions through some of Oregon’s most stunning forests.  So get out there and kill it!  Blackrock isn’t a shuttle or lift assisted bike park, and is an adequate hike from the parking lot, so be prepared and bring all the essentials for riding deep in the Oregon boonies.

The BAMF gets airborn.
Screen Shot 2013-07-10 at 9.59.47 PM
Going HUGE!
Screen Shot 2013-07-10 at 9.56.07 PM
The BAMF steppin’ it up.


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