‘Blizzard of Oz’ Causes Falls Creek Resort to Close Certain Areas due to Too Much Snow!

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Falls Creek, Blizzard, australia, snow
Falls Creek closes lifts due to too much snow. Credit: Facebook

Ullr is certainly looking after the southern hemisphere right now. With 33” of snow in the previous five days, on top of an already epic opening couple of months, Falls Creek Resort had to close certain areas of the mountain this week due to a blizzard bringing too much snow!

Falls Creek, Australia, blizzard of oz
Dude, where’s my car?! Credit: Twitter

The third blizzard of the season, affectionately called ‘The Blizzard of Oz’, gave Falls Creek Resort, Australia an almost 80” base, their greatest since 2004 and has enabled them to extend the season and keep the lifts turning until October 8th.

Falls Creek, Australia, blizzard of oz
Most snow since 2004, Falls Creek. Credit: Facebook

And it’s not over yet, there’s still a few days left of flurries to give them that extra few inches, with this weekends forecast for up to 4” over Friday night, followed by another storm most of Thursday 14th, dropping 4-8” and even more the weekend of 15th onwards.

Falls Creek, Australia, blizzard of oz
Forecast for the upcoming week, more snow! Credit: janesweather


Falls Creek, Australia, blizzard of oz
Epic season so far, and just been extended (snowfall in centimetres). Credit: onthesnow

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