Blizzard Launches All-New Freeride Collection | Rustler and Sheeva Models Are Completely Redesigned and Built to PRESS SEND

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Credit: Blizzard

New Athlete-driven Rustler and Sheeva models are completely redesigned and built to PRESS SEND

Blizzard proudly introduces the next generation of their best-selling freeride skis, Rustler and Sheeva, fully re-engineered to pop, drop or float off anything and everything thrown their way. There’s no shortage of Austrian-grade innovation in these skis, from new molds to new construction technologies. But ask anyone on the development team, from athletes to engineers, and they’ll tell you more than anything, these skis are about delivering that “feeling” that keeps the freeriders of the world frothing for more.

“Whenever I speak to athletes about the products we make and what it is about their favorite skis, they all seem to use words that try to describe a specific balance or sweet spot. It’s hard to put into words, but you know it when you feel it, and if we continue to push ourselves to make skis with this magic swag that has our athletes coming back for more, then we are heading in the right direction.”

– Frank Shine, Blizzard Creative Marketing Manager

New Rustler and Sheeva. Credit: Blizzard

Blizzard’s product development team turned to their team of accomplished freeride athletes throughout every phase of development, gathering insights for what could be improved, what needed to remain the same, and testing prototype after prototype to nail their vision. Their goal was to make a ridiculously fun ski that would pop and float in playful terrain, while balancing the flex of the ski for improved confidence at high speeds or variable conditions. A lofty order, but that’s just the kind of progressive challenge that motivates Blizzard.

The Tech

At the heart of the skis lies the Trueblend Freeride Woodcore, which positions different densities of wood at varying lengths throughout the core, resulting in stiffness underfoot, softness in the tip and tail, and a specifically designed flex for every length of every model. To ensure the requested playfulness without compromising stability, they reimagined the use of Titinal with FluxForm – three sections specifically shaped and placed to make the ski stable underfoot yet torsionally soft and forgiving in the tip and tail. When combined with their newly designed sidecut and rocker profiles, all of which are different for every length of ski, Blizzard aims to deliver an energetic freeride ski that delivers a heightened sense of being alive when you click your poles and drop into that spicy chute, a field of glory pow, or stomp a line like you owned it.

Credit: Blizzard

The new Rustler series comes in three models: the Rustler 11, available in five lengths from 168 to 192 cm; the Rustler 10, available in six sizes from 162 to 192 cm; and the Rustler 9, available in five lengths from 162 to 186 cm.

The Sheeva models, designed in collaboration with their Women2Women group, share the same energetic freeride spirit but have some construction tweaks to achieve the desired performance and feeling for lady shredders.

“We worked with our female ambassador and athlete groups throughout the development process to ensure that we were making a collection of freeride skis that would work for all levels of women. Because the skis are specifically engineered at each length and we’ve shortened the length increments, we really are able to reach a broader range of skiers.”

– Leslie Baker-Brown, Blizzard Tecnica Women2Women Project Lead

The new Sheeva series comes in three models: the Sheeva 11, in three lengths from 168 to 180 cm; the Sheeva 10, available in five lengths from 156 to 180 cm; and the Sheeva 9, available in five sizes, from 150 to 174 cm.

Credit: Blizzard

“Blizzard is doubling down on the activation of our promotional teams, and making sure that the correct athletes are plugged in with our development process. From concepts to final prototypes — our Freeride Team and W2W Program will be at the heart of our craft. We are in the middle of an epic three to four year cycle of new Blizzard skis that is going to make things really fun for our crew.”

– Frank Shine

The new Rustler/Sheeva models will be available at select retailers for an early intro in January 2023, with full retail launching in the fall of 2023.

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