Blizzard Slamming New Zealand Right Now | 36″ of Snow Already

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Mt. Hutt today.
Mt. Hutt, NZ yesterday.

MetService of New Zealand has been warning of severe weather and heavy snow for the South Island in New Zealand this week.  Up to 100cms (40″) of snow and 120kph (75mph) winds are forecast for the mountains of New Zealand right now.

Mt Hutt, NZ has gotten 36" of snow as of 12pm local time.
Mt Hutt, NZ has gotten 36″ of snow as of 6 hours ago.

“This is shaping up to be the biggest single dump we’ve had since 2010. At peak intensity 5cm per hour was dumping on us this morning. Conditions on the mountain are incredible, all trails are blanketed in a deep layer of light dry powder”. – Coronet Peak ski area manager Ross Copland

Coronet Peak today.
Nuking at Coronet Peak yesterday.

Mt. Hutt got 40cms (16″) of snow in 2.5 hours yesterday.  Their snow total hit 90cms (36″) 6 hour ago with avalanches falling constantly.  Mt. Hutt will not be open today.

“SNOW SNOW SNOW since 12pm Thursday – we have received 90cm and there’s more to come…. it’s crazy and awesome! Given the significant snow accumulation, natural avalanches are now releasing left, right and centre. Strong winds about the tops will further exacerbate the avalanche risk so we have decided to close the mountain tomorrow.” – Mt. Hutt

Storm snow forecast for New Zealand yesterday and today.
Snowfall forecast for New Zealand this week.

The blizzard was so intense at Cardrona yesterday that they had to close for the day.

Cardrona 8 hours ago with 50cms of new snow
Cardrona 8 hours ago with 50cms of new snow

That severe weather hit Treble Cone ski resort yesterday and dropped 40cms (16″) by 2pm and it continued to all last night.  

Mt. Hutt today.
Mt. Hutt yesterday.

Coronet Peak got 50cms of snow by 2pm yesterday.

New Zealand radar today at 5pm local time.
New Zealand radar showing New Zealand’s south island getting slammed today at 1pm local time.

Snowfall totals in New Zealand will be rolling in later today from this storm and we’ll be updating the numbers above.

MetService don't lie, yo.  Weather guy showing us what to expect on Friday in NZ
MetService don’t lie, yo. Weather guy showing us what to expect on Friday in NZ

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