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Mondays suck, but new music does not suck, therefore it is time for Music Mondays once again. As for this weeks Music Monday we bring you yet another reader suggestion that frankly we love, and that is ‘Blood Orange’. Melding electronica beats with almost Michael Jackson sounding lyrics, Blood Orange brings a weird, yet pleasant sound to the music scene. And with dance moves that would put anyone to shame, Blood Orange is an up and comer that deserves your attention.

Blood Orange, or Dev Hynes as his real name is a British singer, songwriter, producer, composer, and author. As a songwriter he has written for acts such as ‘Florence and the Machine’, as well as ‘The Chemical Brothers’. In 2008 he was named “20th coolest person in Rock” by NME Magazine in Britain. In 2009, Dev focused more on electronic music and started performing under the name ‘Blood Orange’ in various venues around New York City. With an extremely weird, yet interesting sound, and dance moves like no other, Blood Orange makes a great addition to any playlist. But seriously, just watch is dancing and prepare to be amazed, and laugh simultaneously.

Best Tracks

  • Chamakay
  • Champagne Coast
  • The Complete Knock
  • Dinner

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