VIDEO: Watch What Happens When You Take a Blowtorch to a Chairlift Cable…

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Valmorel ski area in the French Alps is replacing one of their chairlifts this summer, but before they can install the new equipment they needed to remove the old.

How do you dismantle a chairlift? With a blowtorch of course!

These engineers held a blowtorch to the cable until it snapped and the whole line unraveled. It looks like they’d already removed the chairs, but the sight of a taut cable being cut and whipping out is pretty impressive! Just make sure to keep out of the way…

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Valmorel trail map and location of the chairlift.

Valmorel is a ski resort in the Tarentaise Valley, located in the communes of Les Avanchers-Valmorel and La Léchère, in the Savoie department in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region.

The station was opened in 1976. The domain is connected to the Mauriennaise station at Saint-François-Longchamp and forms the area known as Grand-Domaine.

Valmorel ski area, France

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