Bobby Brown + Triple Corks + Best Park on Earth = Red Bull’s “MegaSlope” @ Kirkwood, CA

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Admittedly, we aren’t that into watching park videos here at SnowBrains.  That said, this video is unreal.  Even if you don’t ski at all you’ll enjoy this one.  Bobby Brown created his own dream park and Snowpark Technologies and Kirkwood built it for him this past spring.

We had no idea that triple corks were the norm these days.  We’re sure they’re not, but they certainly are for these boys.  These jumps are huge, these guys are the best in the world, and this park is sick.  It’s a helluva ride watching how smooth these guys do what they do.

red bull megaslope.  bobby brown
red bull megaslope. bobby brown

As the chairlifts at Kirkwood Mountain Resort came to a halt this past spring, the Snow Park Technologies (SPT) snowcats were powering up. For twenty days, an SPT crew of seven professional designers, shapers and builders logged over 1,200 hours constructing the slopestyle course of Bobby Brown’s dreams. Three years ago the Denver, Colorado-based professional athlete was asking his fellow pro skier friends, “What’s next for slopestyle skiing?” His answer is Red Bull Megaslope, a 2,750-foot long course that flawlessly incorporates six epic features winding across the natural terrain of the mountain. – Red Bull

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3 thoughts on “Bobby Brown + Triple Corks + Best Park on Earth = Red Bull’s “MegaSlope” @ Kirkwood, CA

  1. So now we have the REAL reason that KW shut down early – Fucking red bull paid Vail to get them to shutter daily ops early – another reason to hate Vail

    1. Actually… Kirkwood had been closed for weeks before the build began. This is the only spot on the mountain where any snow was left!

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