Bode Miller’s 3-Year-Old Twin Boys Hit 100-Day Season

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bode miller twins,
The little rippers. Photo courtesy of the Miller family

Bode Miller has accomplished numerous feats in his skiing career. Not only is he the winningest male alpine ski racer in U.S. history, but he is also the co-founder of Peak Ski Company.

Now, along with the help of his wife, Morgan Beck, he is helping his progeny accomplish the unthinkable. On April 6, their twin boys, Aksel and Asher, hit 100 days for the ski season. This was a goal they had set out to achieve after a family friend had fraternal twins accomplish the same feat at age four.

The twin’s season started on November 28 and nearly all the ski days were at Big Sky Resort or the Yellowstone Club. This was the second attempt at a 100-day season after achieving 76 days the season before.

Cruising. Photo courtesy of the Miller family.

The fact that Aksel and Asher are twins helped fuel their competitive spirit to reach the goal at such a young age. If one wasn’t motivated on a given day but the other was, it served as an incentive because they don’t like being apart.

It is unlikely that Aksel and Asher will hit a 100-day season anytime soon as they will be school-age next season. However, they do have a 1-year-old sister who may break their record someday.

Starting so young and skiing so much has its advantages. The twins remarkably improved their skiing abilities as well as learning lessons on perseverance, mental toughness, doing hard things, and being uncomfortable. Everything you could need for being a champion athlete. It sure looks like they had a great time doing it too, as evidenced by their mother’s Instagram post below.

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