Bohemia Crushes Boyne for Midwest Spring Skiing Dominance

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Michigan powder skiing
Just another Bohemia midwest pow day. Photo Joey Wallis

Two Michigan resorts, Mount Bohemia and Boyne Mountain, bet the big bucks every year over who can stay open longer. Well, only $1000, but it is for a good cause.

In a Facebook post yesterday, Boyne Mountain, for the first time ever, conceded defeat to their Bohemia rivals. Mt Bohemia will be open weekends through the first weekend in May. Congratulations!

After a winter of plentiful snowfall, the loser of the bet promises to donate a grand to the charity of the winner’s choice. To be considered “open,” each resort had to spin the lifts for at least five hours, one day a week. The Boyne City Food Pantry and Copper County Humane Society were the charities eligible for the final payout.


Congrats Mount Bohemia for staying open later than us! Keep the season going!

We will happily donate $1,000 to Copper Country Humane Society!

– Boyne Mountain Resort

Boyne Mountain, with a 20″ base and an average annual snowfall of 140″, closed on Saturday. Mount Bohemia in the remote upper peninsula got a whopping 309 inches of lake effect precipitation, more than many western resorts, and will be open weekends through May 1st.

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