VIDEO: Colorado Mountain Biker Lucky Not to be Decapitated by Booby Trap Left on Trail

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Thankfully, the rider featured in this video did not meet his grisly end––but it could have been so different.

The video, posted to PinBike on 6th June 2021, shows what the uploader describes as a “mountain biker boobytrap” on Lake Moraine Trail in Manitou Springs, CO.

The trailing rider films him and his buddy ripping down the trail before the guy in front is suddenly seen on the floor. Next to him is a large, broken tree/branch, pointing directly towards the trail, and positioned right where it was difficult to see at a height that would kill if collided with.

Of course, this could be totally innocent and just a fallen tree. But the riders in the video are adamant (with a lot of NSFW language) that it was placed there, in that position, ‘on purpose’ with intent to hurt. There were three other such obstacles in the same area on the high-speed trail.

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11 thoughts on “VIDEO: Colorado Mountain Biker Lucky Not to be Decapitated by Booby Trap Left on Trail

  1. Here we go again – pointing the finger in likely the wrong direction. It has been my experience from 30+ years of living/working/playing in the mountain west, that it’s usually hillbilly gun nuts that are anti-mountain bike and anti liberal hiker/biker, etc. I’ve met far more libs that are out there doing fire abatement, garbage clean-up, trail work, etc. – than there has been Republican, conservative folk. Too many stories to share here of negative forest interactions with crazies that were definitely NOT environmentalists.

    1. My experience from being a 4th generation mountain westerner is liberals do the crazy stuff.

      Liberals make the rules to kick mountain bikers off trails.

      Envirowhackos burn down and protest developments they don’t agree with.

      People involved with rouge anti snowmobiling groups encourage members to start fights with snowmobilers and document it for presentation to the forest service. I have personally been swung at twice by back country skiers as I slowly passed them on a trail. I have many friends who have also been swung at. I’ve also seen the literature when it was part of their strategy to start fights.

      Crazy gun nuts, if they are fit enough to hike, are out hunting through the forest not on trail. (animals don’t typically use hiking trails). Not walking leisurely through a trail. If they are too fat to hike a trail they are in their trucks shooting into a bank of dirt somewhere.

      Where I live the hunters do all the Wildlife conservation and habitat restoration. The liberals close the roads, kick out mountain bikers, and put in all the rules.

  2. Keep enjoying your overpriced real estate, overcrowded ski resorts, and overcrowded trails. You can thank you’re enviro-whacko friends.

  3. This is what an example of how CRAZY environmentalists have gotten these days! Mountain bikes are not allowed in Wilderness areas. Mountain bikes have a variety of restrictions in National Forests. We now have enviro-whackos setting booby traps to hurt or kill mountain bikers because they don’t agree with that form of transportation.

    We need to end enviro-whackos. This is attempted murder.

    1. There is no proof these are “enviro-wackos”-the preferred outlet for all your cynicism.

          1. Agreed, Steven! Unfortunately, I don’t think we can argue with that guy if he just wants to shout wild accusations in to the wind and then make others disprove them. I’m just grateful he’s probably not using the same trails as most of us!

          2. The only groups I’ve ever been aware of that try to change laws and kick mountain bikers out of the forest are liberal (enviros) types.

            The only groups that have ever tried to assault and injure me on my snowmobile are liberal (enviro-purest) types. I’ve had dozens of friends who have experienced this as well.

            So there is my proof and connections 🙂

          3. You guys always let me get the last word.
            Please send proof I’m wrong.
            Please send us proof Hill Billys, not Hippy Activist Karen’s are doing this.

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