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Boreal ski resort in Lake Tahoe, CA is always the first ski resort to open in California.  They usually get open in October with jumps and rails and one lift open.


This year, it wasn’t looking too good for an October opening.  And then it snowed a foot at Boreal yesterday.  They are forecasted to get 3-6 more inches of snow today.

Boreal, CA.  Yesterday.
Boreal, CA. Yesterday.

Boreal has had their snowmaking machines on and they are piling the white stuff up as fast as they can.

It looks feasible to open for a day or two this weekend.  The forecast gets pretty warm this weekend, in the 60s, so if Boreal opens, it’ll likely just be a one weekend affair… for now.

Boreal, CA.  Today at 10am.
Boreal, CA. Today at 10am.


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