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Boreal death strip summer shred
The epitome of a white ribbon of death

Boreal’s annual Summer Shred Session went off this weekend, and the masses were out to enjoy it.  With a number of park features, a freshly cut 13 ft. pipe, a jump, and the narrowest white ribbon of death to date, the skiing and riding was all time.  While most were out enjoying a paddle around the lake or pleasant summer mountain bike ride, the dedicated snow sliders of the Tahoe area were out to slay the gnar at the Boreal Summer Shred.

donner summit truckee ca
Hard to imagine skiing when Donner Summit looks like this…
happy times on Saturday
happy times on Saturday


boreal mini jump
But then we remember that it feels like this

Boreal Conditions

  • Ribbon of Death Factor: High
  • Crowds: Moderately large
  • Fun Level: Max
  • One 13 ft, freshly cut pipe
  • One medium sized jump
  • One large jump
  • A plethora of rails
Borreal summer shred line
The lift line was long, but loosely packed and lightly spirited

In order to get to the pipe and the medium sized jump, you had to hike around 100 yards up hill, but the reward was well worth the walk.  Plus, it made the short laps feel just a bit longer.

borreal summer shred jump
The jump was short, but sweet with ample boot on the lip
half pipe for boreal summer shred
The pipe was even better, and saw little traffic
boreal park crew
The park crew (an army of about 1) did a great job at keeping the lip of the jump manicured
Borreal summer shred mini jump
Sun Hats and safety grabs, all part of a great summer day on snow

borreal summer shred rail nose press

looking down the white strip of death
Looking down from the top of the white strip of death. Send it!
Boreal jump cork 7
The groms were out sending it like they’ve been on snow all along

While the skiing and boarding is now over for the public, there are a boat load of camps to come at Woodward, with at least one session to fit your schedule:

Woodward On-Snow Snowboard/Ski Camp Dates

  • Session #1, June 16 – June 22
  • Session #2, June 23- June 29
  • Session #3, June 30 – July 6
  • Session #4, July 7 – July 13

You can find out about all of Woodwards camp offerings online, they serve up everything from ski and board to bike and skate camps.

Thanks again Boreal for a great Summer Shred 2013

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