Boulder, CO Just Had Snowiest Winter EVER Recorded | Snowiest City in the Country

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boulder, colorado
Smashed it! Credit: NWS Boulder/Denver

Some areas of Boulder, CO reported up to 17″ of fresh snow yesterday, making it officially the city’s snowiest winter EVER recorded.

Over 151-inches of snow has fallen on Boulder, smashing the previous snowiest winter record of 142.9″ set over a century ago, back in 1908-09.

“Boulder sits in the premier geographic location for snow, definitely the best of any ‘Plains’ city across the Front Range,” Boulder-based meteorologist Ben Castellani of BoulderCAST told the Denver Post. “The sharp rise of the Flatirons is the first significant obstacle easterly winds encounter.”

Boulder generally averages about 85″ each winter, according to the NWS. Another storm could see the city double that. Nearby Denver has had about 60″ of snow this winter, which is pretty much what’s expected going by the 57″ average.

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Snowy Boulder, CO. Credit: @RogerPielkeJr

This storm also gives Boulder another accolade – the snowiest city in the US. Boulder has doubled other cities’ winter 19/20 snowfall totals (a city is defined as having a population greater than 50,000).

According to the Denver Post, many Great Lake cities normally see more snow than Boulder, as would Syracuse, NY or Duluth, MN. It seems that these cities have all had a below-average snow year, compared to Boulder’s way above average year. Even Boston or New York City, traditionally snowy cities in the winter, have only seen 15″ and 5″ respectively.

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