Building Sized Boulders Destroy Colorado Highway

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boulders, highway, building sized
House-sized! Credit: CDOT

A giant rock “the size of a building” is blocking a highway in Colorado, officials said. A rock slide Friday afternoon resulted in two boulders that destroyed a large portion of the pavement, closing the road “indefinitely.”

CDOT crews used explosives to break apart a house-sized 2.5 million-pound boulder that came off the hillside and landed on the highway. Trucks are hauling away fragments of the 1,150-ton rock from state Highway 145 while workers build a temporary bypass. That bypass could open Tuesday or Wednesday.

boulders, highway, building sized
Aerial view of the 2 boulders. Credit: CBS Denver

Another, larger boulder estimated to be 8.5 million pounds crossed the highway and came to rest near the road, creating an eight-foot trench,

According to the Colorado Department of Transportation, the rock slide created an 8-foot-deep trench spanning the width of the highway. The highway, which is now impassable, is located between Cortez and Telluride, just north of Dolores.

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