Brain Post: Every Second, 5 People are Born & 2 Die | VIDEO

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The video is eye opening.  This video was made in 2011 when we hit 7 billion people on Earth for the first time.  Now, there are are over 7.1 billion people on Earth.

We’re hoping that the human population will stop growing near 10 billion.  Hopefully Earth can handle 10 billion of us.  It’s going to happen quick.


By 2045 there will most likely be 9 billion of us.  That’s only 32 years away…

In 1800, there were only 1 billion of us.  

We are increasing in population exponentially.  Where will it level off?


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One thought on “Brain Post: Every Second, 5 People are Born & 2 Die | VIDEO

  1. Most people in the developed world look around and say “i don’t see any problem.” You need to look to africa, se asia, and india to see the problem. People are desperate, starving, living in sub par situations. Overpopulation is real, it’s just not where you live.

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