Brain Post: Memorizing These 3 Statistics Will Help You Understand The World

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We often fall into the trap of believing that the world is a terrible place and that it’s only getting worse.

As far as the human experience is concerned, that narrative is the exact opposite of the truth.

This video by Oxford University shows us how much better out world has gotten by contrasting how bad the past was.

  • Infant mortality has plummeted from 45% to 4% since the early 1800s.
  • The global life expectancy was 45 years in 1950 – today it’s over 70 years.
  • In 1800, 90% of people lived in extreme poverty – today it’s down to 10%.

Right now is also the least violent time in human history.

We know that the media is constantly pumping bad news into our minds and it can make us feel like there’s nothing but badness out there, but lets not forgot all the good that’s occurring in our world.

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