Brighton, Solitude, Snowbird, and Alta, UT, Will Not Open Today Due to Exceptional Avalanche Danger

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On top of an already record-breaking winter, it’s been an impressive week in terms of snowfall for Utah’s Cottonwood Canyons, home to world-class ski areas Brighton, Solitude, Snowbird, and Alta. The mountains have received upwards of 5 feet of snow this week since Sunday.

Avalanche Forecast 4/5/23. | Screenshot courtesy of the Utah Avalanche Center

With continued snowfall and a very high risk of avalanches, the Utah Department of Transportation has closed both Big and Little Cottonwood Canyons today. As such, all 4 canyon ski areas will not operate for skiing or riding today, 4/5/23.

This season Little Cottonwood Canyon has been closing frequently with interlodge ordinances in effect for what has felt like a daily occurrence, often delaying or closing Snowbird and Alta for hours or even days at a time until the avalanche danger has been mitigated. Today, both canyons are closed in full, which does not happen often in the Wasatch. Avalanche conditions are severe and UDOT along with ski patrol, plow drivers, helicopter pilots, and anyone else involved in mitigating the avalanche danger are doing their best to keep the general public safe. They are the true heroes of this historic winter.

According to the National Weather Service, snow totals around Salt Lake City since Sunday are: 

67″ Snowbird
63″ Alta Collins
58″ Alta UDOT
49″ Canyons Village
28.6″ Sandy
21.1″ North Salt Lake

With more snow falling today, winter still has control over the mountains in Utah and none of these ski areas will open until tomorrow. 

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