British Columbia Backcountry Report: Crispy, Crunchy, Sharp Pillows in the -25ºC Sunshine

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Yesterday, we returned to a safe pillow zone we like in British Columbia and it was actually sunny and only -25ºC (-13ºF)…

First real sun in over a month up here…

The wind had re-sculpted the pillow zone into a futuristic cartoon…

Dream spines… Next week? image: snowbrains

It was no longer the penalty free, soft as a baby’s bottom, do anything you want pillow zone it once was.

Instead, it was sharp, crunchy, crispy, and even a touch hard in spots.

Looks like a cartoon, right? image: snowbrains

After over a month of cloud and snow, we finally got a day of sunshine and it was pretty darn nice.

Except for the -25ºC (-13ºF) temps in the morning…   I’m from California, dammit!

Todd tearing into the sharp pillow zone. image: snowbrains

We did two runs in the zone, talked a big game about coming back to ski the spines above, and headed home.

The skiing was still really, awfully, damn fun.

Dream pillows… next week? image: snowbrains

We kept is safe as avy danger was scary.

We saw some guys remotely trigger a class 3 avalanche while skiing up a big, south facing slope.  Terrifying…  The avy ran a long long way and had a big powder cloud.  They were only about 50 feet from where they triggered it.  Lets all be really careful out there.

Some big avalanches yesterday… image: snowbrains


The king of the zone! image: snowbrains

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