British Columbia, Canada Hut Trip Report – Day 1: Helicopters & Powder on Day #1 of Our BC Hut Trip

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Report from December 23, 2022

We woke up in Golden, BC at 6am yesterday.

Hustle to organize gear, pack the car, sign waivers, and rip up Canada’s Highway 1 in treacherous conditions.

At the heli-pad, we waited.

Window dressing. image: snowbrains

The temperature had risen significantly from the previous day to -10ºF.

We set up our gear for the helicopter then swarmed the wood stove for 3 hours.

We were the last group to fly.

Stoked in the Bell 212. image: snowbrains

The cold bit.

We flew in a helicopter that felt very military, the Bell 212.

The pilot lifted off in the heavy fog and snow, dropped into the river valley, and sliced the air just above treeline.

Vistas. image: snowbrains

This continued up and down right to our hut.

We stumbled out, organized our gear and rooms, and ran out for a quick tour.

On the flight in, I noticed that there was very little snow.

Happy humans. image: snowbrains

Low tide.

Little trees clogging up run everywhere.

I was instantly worried about the week…

On our tour, the new snow was good.

It’s what’s for dinner… image: snowbrains

About 8-12″ of it.

We chose a conservative run due to the oncoming sunset and our lack of familiarity  with the snowpack.

We dug a pit and learned more.

The snow was good on the float down.

Gear room. image: snowbrains

Zigging, zagging, bobbing, weaving.

Felt like BC pow skiing!

I was hapy at the bottom as the run skied a lot better than I expected and my worst fears sprouting from what I’d seen from the heli felt less founded.

Back in the hut it was a vicious sauna that left me riding the Spirit Horse and an enormous chili dinner.

Thanks you, BC!


Vistas. image: snowbrains
Hut Lyfe. image: snowbrains
Bell 212 helicopter. image: snowbrains



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