British Columbia, Canada Hut Trip Report – Day 6: Great Pillow Skiing, A Size 3 Avalanche, & a Special Public Avalanche Warning

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Report from December 28, 2022

Pillow hunting only yesterday.

This was day #6 of our BC hut trip.

I was tired.

Big pillows. image: snowbrains

I only skied 2 laps and headed home.

On the first lap, I found 2 sets of pillows that I’d never seen before and decided to go for it.

They both worked out pretty great and I was stoked!

Vista. image: snowbrains

On the 2nd lap, I found a solid pillow stack, built and inrun and sent it.

I launched the first pillow and slapped the 2nd pillow hard, blinding myself in the process.

I thought it was a 3 pillow line but there was a sneaky 4th pillow I hadn’t seen…

Pack man, skinner, hut. image: snowbrains

While blind I hit the sneaky pillow then plowed straight into the final pillow.

Hot tub.


Kinda buried.

Laughing at myself.

Sebastian living his best life. image: snowbrains

I took a while to extricate myself from the tub.

I skied the rest of the line mellow and headed home to eat, drink, rest, sauna, stretch, Theragun, and sleep.

I think it worked because I felt a lot strong today 🙂

Shepard’s Pie for dinner was delicious.

images: avalanche canada

2 of our team went up high on the northern ridgeline and kicked off a size 3 avalanche while on their way to a tree skiing line.

It ripped out to the ground and went full path and full length – the valley bottom.

Full depth, full path, full length.

At about the exact same time Avalanche Canada issued a Special Public Avalanche Warning.

“A prolonged cold and dry start to the winter created a number of persistent weak layers in the snowpack across the interior ranges of BC. The recent storm and warming temperatures have now destabilized that weak snowpack, making large, human-triggered avalanches likely.” – Avalanche Canada, 12/28/22

Please be careful out there.


images: avalanche canada


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