Brothers Brower | Back to the Backcountry, Exploring the Explored

Chaz Diamond | BackcountryBackcountry

Words by the brothers:

“It seems that when on the road and visiting new places it’s easier to find things to ski because there are no preconceived opinions about certain lines or features. For this video we went to a usual zone but forced ourselves to look at it with new eyes, as if we were new to the place. We were surprised what we found and the new ideas we came up with.

Because we film each other its not always easy to set up the cameras get to the top of the line and be safe about it, so we are always grateful when a 3rd man comes along. There are always missed shots, wrong angles or botched lines, but its tough to have a bad day when it was spent in the mountains.”

So often in skiing the focus is on skiing new, bigger, different, farther, terrain. Trips to exotic locations, whether half a world or a car ride away. As skiers and snowboarders we take for granted how much of the mountain we can cover in a single day. With lift-accessed skiing we lap the same zones run after run, linking together certain hits and getting the flow dialed. The Brower Brothers make an excellent point; how often do we actually go back and look at a zone as if it was brand new? Are zones boring because we limit ourselves to certain routes, features, and lines?

On top of that, these guys are laying down some fierce stomps, Hugo Harrison might just approve of a few of their landings.

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