Brundage Mountain, ID, Replacing Frontside Triple Chair with New High-Speed Quad as Part of $30 Million Improvement Plan

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Brundage Mountain Resort is replacing the Centennial Triple Chair with a new high-speed quad lift. Construction of the lift will take place in the summer of 2023 and will be ready to operate for the 2023-24 season. It will have a vertical rise of 1,616 feet.

The new lift will be called the Centennial Express and will greatly improve the efficiency of the base area for getting skiers and riders up the mountain. The ride time will be cut from 14 minutes to six minutes and the uphill capacity will increase from 1,300 people per hour to 1,800 people per hour.

Both main lifts on the front side of the mountain will be high-speed quads. Credit:

Upgrading the Centennial lift was a key first step in improving and expanding the lift infrastructure at Brundage. The goal is to keep the low-key character of the mountain, reduce lift lines, and keep the slopes uncrowded.

“Upgrading the Centennial lift to a high-speed quad does more than just cut down the ride time. The loading experience will be so much smoother – especially for families – which will make some of our best terrain infinitely more accessible. Having two high-speed quads in the base area gives us more flexibility and redundancy for moving people up the mountain, which is especially important on busy days and holidays, and during challenging weather conditions.” – Ken Ridder, Brundage Mountain General Manager

Brundage has a 10-year improvement plan that features additional upgrades. The projects include a new ski patrol facility, updates to the ski and ride school, new employee housing facilities, and the construction of the Mountain Adventure Center of the new lodge. Additionally, they are working with Central Idaho Mountain Biking Association (CIMBA) on a new eight-mile mountain bike trail between Brundage and Bear Basin.

Brundage is known to have “the best snow in Idaho.” They are blessed with an average of 320 inches annually, which creates an enjoyable mix of bluebird and powder days throughout the winter season. With these planned improvements, the infrastructure can keep up with the ski quality.

best snow
The best snow in Idaho. Credit:

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