You Can Now Buy ‘Heavy’ Beer in Utah Stores | Budweiser Holds Funeral for 3.2% Beer

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RIP 3.2… Credit: AdAge

Starting today, Friday 1st November, the state of Utah will permit beers as high as 5 percent alcohol-by-volume to be sold at regular stores. Previously, the cap was 4 percent ABV (or 3.2 percent alcohol-by-weight), meaning anyone looking for stronger beer had to purchase it at state-run liquor stores.

On Wednesday night Budweiser held a mock funeral for 3.2 beer in downtown Salt Lake City, passing out “obituaries” to drinkers that included a tribute to the special 3.2 version of Budweiser:

Despite the restrictions, Budweiser 3.2 became an integral part of society, attending local events, basketball games, celebrations and gatherings on an almost daily basis. Yet, despite becoming ingrained into society and an undoubted success, 3.2 suffered greatly under the lack of weight of expectations.

The previous law had been in place for 86 years, which Congress passed allowing for 3.2 percent beer sales during Prohibition. When Prohibition was eventually repealed, Utah and other states kept the 3.2 percent rule. Minnesota remains the only state operating under the 3.2 percent standard. Colorado, Kansas, and Oklahoma recently lifted their 3.2 beer rules

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